THC Big Bars & Classic Bites

GAIA Bounty is committed to quality products made with you in mind. Delicious THC Edibles manufactured in a Food Processing Facility staffed with Food Manufacturing professionals in a facility that meets and exceeds state regulations. Enjoy the GAIA Bounty THC Edibles worry free for both GAIA Medical and GAIA Recreational Products. GAIA Bounty your trusted source for Oregon edible Products.


Tease your mind and your taste buds with the reintroduction of the GAIA Classic Single Serve THC 15 mg Chocolate Bite.The finest Chocolate sourced from a World Class Manufacturer …combine this exceptional Chocolate with the highest quality THC Extract…Quality manufactured by GAIA into tasty products…this tasty GAIA sensation will keep you coming back for more Quality GAIA Products.

CBD Bars

GAIA’S commitment to Oregon has remained unchanged since our modest beginnings in Central Oregon. Quality Products backed by the GAIA commitment to excellence assures you, our customer, a safe and reliable source for quality products.

The world of CBD is rapidly changing. This rapid change has been the result of two key factors: 1. The nationwide expansion of Medical Marijuana. 2. Oregon’s legalization of the Growing and Processing of Industrial Hemp.

GAIA Bounty has manufactured CBD infused Products since we opened our first Manufacturing Facility in 2014. With the expansion of the Oregon Industrial Hemp Industry, GAIA has created a comprehensive, Oregon based, Supply Chain Management System, with GAIA’S professional oversight from the Oregon Grower to the Oregon Extractor. GAIA’s Oregon based supply of CBD Ingredients is an important component of the GAIA Bounty “Total Quality Management” (TQM) program. This assures all GAIA customers, a reliable source of functional, high quality and reliable CBD Products.

The GAIA difference is in the sourcing of raw materials (Supply Chain Management) and the GAIA Bounty commitment to a TQM program. Do not be fooled by the broad statement that Hemp CBD is not effective. GAIA sources quality CBD ingredients with specific attributes that is the GAIA difference and commitment to the Industry.

Prefect Balance Bars